Keeya's Numbers

Once upon a time a little girl was born. This is the story of the numbers that were born with her-- where they came from, how they moved from place to place, who used them and fixed them and how they met other numbers until finally, one day, they were called home. By Desirée De Leon & [Greg Wilson](

Of Teacups, Giraffes, and R Markdown

rstudio::conf2020 talk about the behind-the-scenes work to create the [teacup giraffes project](, developed with Hasse Walum.

Teacups, Giraffes, and Statistics

A series of illustrated online modules co-authored with Hasse Walum to teach statistics and R coding, set in a playful narrative about fictional miniature giraffes. Created entirely in R Markdown.

100 Days of Tiny Things

An original [#100DayProject]( that I began in 2015 on Instagram, creating one small illustration every day for 100 days....and then some.