Making pretty note boxes

My summer intern project with Alison Hill was a bookdown book called rstudio4edu (coming soon!), and for this project we wanted to create custom, pretty tip boxes (aka custom blocks, sidebars, or –as I like to call them– “div tips”) to use in the book we were writing. We also wanted to include them in a series of site templates geared towards educators (also coming soon!), using R Markdown, bookdown, etc.

Trying Out Blogdown

Hello! This is my very first blog post using an R Markdown file within blogdown. I’m going to demonstrate how we can include the following in a single post: R code A plot An image (via markdown syntax) An image (via knitr::include_graphics) A relative link to another section in my site A demo using a dataset that I have read in 1) Iris data set Let’s make a plot using the iris data set in ggplot2.